Supervised Agriculture Experieince

Through an SAE students can deveolp education in agriculture experiences and take what they have learned in the classroom and use it in a real life situation with the help from their agriculture teachers. SAE's are separated in four categories:

Own and operate an agricultural business (e.g. a lawn care service, a pay-to-fish operation, holiday poinsettia production and sales.)

Get a job or internship on a farm or ranch, at an agriculture-based business, or in a school or factory laboratory.

Research and Experimentation
Plan and conduct a scientific experiment. (e.g. Determine whether the phases of the moon affect plant growth, or test and determine the efficacy of different welding methods.)

Explore careers in agriculture by attending an agriculture career fair, or creating a report or documentary on the work of a veterinarian.

Proficiency Awards are given to students who excel in their different SAE Projects.  The following are all the areas of proficiency and the reciepents of them from the Elsberry FFA Chapter this past year.


Agriculture Communications Entreprenuership- Brandy Hall
Agriculture Education Entreprenuership- Karissa Roberts
Agriculture Mechanics Design & Fabrication Entreprenuership- Cody Shaw
Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Entreprenuership-Cody Shaw
Agriculture Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Placement- Dillon Barber
Agriculture Processing Entreprenuership-Bo Young
Agriculture Sales Entreprenuership- Jessie Knox
Agriculture Sales Placement- Dillon Barber
Agriculture Services Placement Lacey Beck
Beef Production Entreprenuership- Tara O'Brien
Beef Production Placement- Chas Cohoon
Dairy Production Placement- Katelyn Boedeker
Diversified Crop Production Entreprenuership- Dillon Barber
Diversified Horticulture Placement- Storm Davis
Diversified Livestock Production Entreprenuership- Jennifer Grumich
Emerging Agriculture Technology- Bo Young
Environmental Science and Natrual Resources Entreprenuership- Michael Hartley
Equine Science Entreprenuership- Sheyana Curtis
Equine Science Placement- Jennifer Grumich
Food Science and Technology- Deaven Ingrassia
Forage Production- Cody Shaw
Forest Management and Products Entreprenuership- Bo Young
Fruit Production- Maura O'Brien
Goat Production- Rachel Brickey
Grain Production Entreprenuership- Dillon Barber
Grain Production Placement- Dillon Barber
Home and/or Community Development Entreprenuership- Jessie Knox
Landscape Management Placement- Lane Fernandes
Nursery Operations Placement-  Jillian Young
Poultry Production Entreprenuership- Andy Schreiber
Sheep Production Entreprenuership- Myra Marty
Small Animal Care and Production Entreprenuerhip- Cara Marty
Specialty Animal Production Entreprenuership- Kim Brown
Specialty Crop Production- Jacob Parker
Swine Production Entreprenuership- Brandy Hall
Swine Production Placement- Kyle Bange
Turf Grass Management Entreprenuership- Chas Cohoon
Vegitable Production Entreprenuership- Jennifer Grumich
Wildlife Production and Management Entreprenuership- Michael Hartley


Record Book 1-5

Year 1-16 Month Income and Expense Sheets

12 Month Income and Expense Sheets

Record Book 6-12
Forms 6 through 12


Leadership and Log Forms
Agriscience Project Log
Directed Lab Experience and Exploratory Log
Directed Lab Experience Description-Landscape
Leadership Pages


Supplement Forms
SAEP Worksheet
Record Book Procedure
Personal Codes for Enterprises and Career Pathway
Ownership Business Agreement Form 100
Inventory Worksheet
End of Year Checklist
Depreciation Calculator Version 2012
Checking Records Prior to Completing State Degree Application
Budget Form 103 Version 2012