Ag Classes

Below is a list of Agriculture Classes offered and Descriptions of the classes.


  • Exploring Agriculture – A general literacy course designed to introduce and apply life skills realted to one of America's basic industries- agriculture.  Units of instruction will be be selected from Introduction to Agriculture, Plant Science, Animals in Society, Products from Agriculture, Natrual Resources and Conservation, Leadership and Personal Development, and Basic Home and Farmstead Safety and Maintenance.
  • Agriculture Science I – A course designed for inststruction in animal science, agriculture mechanics, career exploration, leadership and personal development, and spervised agricultural experience, Woodshop, Units may also include agribusiness, natrual resources, and food science.
  • Agriculture Science II – A course designed for instruction in plant and crop science, soils, entomology, horticulture, and forestry, and additional instruction in agricultural mechanics, career development, leadership, and supervised agricultural experience.
  • Agriculture Construction – This course utilizes welding in the development and construction of major metal and wood projects.  Each student will be required to build their own project.
  • Agriculture Power I – This course develops skills in the maintenance, repair, adjustment, and overhaul of small engines.
  • Agriculture Structures – This course includes electrical wiring, electrical motors, concrete masonry, plumbing and sewage disposal, farm fences, product handling and processing equipment, and farm buildings.
  • Advanced Animal Science – Advanced study in animal production management, marketing, nutrition, breeding, production records, selection, animal health, waste management, and biotechnology may be included in this course.
  • Conservation of Natrual Resources/Wildlife – This course prepares students for activites in the conservation and/or improvement of natrual resources such as oil, water, air, forests, fish and wildlife for economic and recreational purposes.
  • Food Science and Technology – This course includes the areas of food chemistry and nutrition, food additives, food packaging and labeling, evaluation of foods, food microbiology, food processing, food fermentation, principles of sanitation and quality control.
  • Greenhouse Operation and Management/Horticulture – This course develops a basic understanding of greenhouse techniques.  The production of greenhouse crops will be used to demonstrate procedures such as plants started from cuttings, seeds, grafts, and layering.  Students will manage thier own crop as a greenhouse project