Leadership Committee –

Activities that help the individual develop technical, human relations and
decision-making skills to enhance personal growth.

Healthy Lifestyles Committee –

Activities that promote the well-being of students, mentally or physically, in
achieving the positive evolution of the whole person.

Career Success Committee –

Activities that promote student involvement and growth through agriculture
related experience and/or entrepreneurship.

Scholarship Committee –

Activities that develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning experience.

Cooperation Committee –

Activities conducted to develop teamwork and cooperative skills among
chapter officers, committees and members.

Public Relations Committee –

activities conducted to promote a positive image and inform students,
parents, school officials and community about chapter and member accomplishments.

Chapter Recruitment Committee –

activities conducted to increase agricultural education enrollment
and/or FFA membership and encourage greater participation.

Support Group Committee –

Activities conducted to develop and maintain positive relations among the
FFA, parents, community leaders and industry

Personal Growth Committee –

Activities are conducted that improve the identity and self-awareness of
FFA members. These activities should reflect FFA members’ unique talents and potential by
reinforcing their human and employability skills. The activities should strive to enhance the
quality of life and contribute to FFA members’ life goals and development.

Citizenship Committee –

Activities conducted to encourage members to become active, involved citizens
of their school, community and country.